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Welcome to Dogwood Run

Dogwood Run is a dog day care facility designed to give dogs off-leash exercise while under constant supervision. We use separate, fenced areas for large and small dogs or allow them to intermingle, depending on compatibility. Our staff is trained to recognize signs of aggression or incompatibility in order to prevent altercations.

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We do not use crates or cages rather, dogs are free to explore among the trees and land of our approximately 1-acre facility. Our 1500 sq.ft. main building and huge secondary building (a former 7-11) are available for 'home room", evening wind-down and rainy days.Dogs have access to our 1500 sq. ft. building at all times for indoor play or an afternoon nap.

Assorted toys and exercise items are provided for individual or group play.

Dogs are brushed and given individual attention in order to make their stay at Dogwood Run for a day, ...or an hour a pleasant experience.

We also have 2 pools, which are open spring and fall which many of our dogs just love!